Mad World : Hong Kong Movie [2017]

eric tsang shawn yue
Eric Tsang dan Shawn Yue

Satu lagi filem berkisar lelaki dengan bipolar disoder. Kali ini dari pembikin filem Hong Kong iaitu Wong Chun. Ianya merupakan filem pertama arahan Wong Chun. Watak utama filem Mad World ini dilakonkan oleh Shawn Yue dan Eric Tsang. Melalui filem ini, aktor Eric Tsang memenangi kategori pelakon lelaki terbaik di Anugerah Malaysia Golden Global Awards dan pelakon pembantu lelaki terbaik di Festival Filem Hong Kong ke 36.

Profil Mad World Hong Kong Movie 2017

Bahasa : Kantonese [Hong Kong]
Genre : Family / Drama
Pengarah : Wong Chun
Skrip : Florence Chan 
Muzik : Yusuke Hanato
Penyunting : Wong Chun
Pelakon : Shawn Yue, Eris Tsang, Elaine Jin, Charmaine Fong,
Durasi : I Jam 41 Minit
Tarikh Tayangan : 11 Mei 2017

Sinopsis Mad World Movie 2017

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Former financial analyst Wong Sai-tung, who suffers from a severe form of bipolar disorder, has just been dismissed from the mental hospital. He is placed in the custody of his estranged father, who is less than happy to have him back home in his tiny single-room apartment. The two struggle to come to terms especially since the horrible incident involving Tung`s mother that have scarred them both for life. With help from his father, Tung gradually makes a return to the society, but not everyone is willing to take him back. 

shawn yue
Shawn Yue sebagai Tung

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Tung [Shawn Yue] has just been dismissed from the mental hospital where he's spent the last few years suffering from a severe form of bipolar disorder. He is not cured; his illness is one that can at best be managed. Once a successful financial analyst, Tung lost his job due to a nervous breakdown, and no one is willing to hire him back.

Tung's father [Eric Tsang] is less than happy to have him back home in his tiny single-room apartment. A truck driver who must often travel to China, he's overcome with worry whenever he has to go away, leaving Tung and his medication regime unsupervised. During these periods of solitude, Tung is either at the mercy of nosy, narrow-minded neighbours or, worse, left alone with the ghosts of his past. 

That past is the source of rifts and resentment between father and son, and its invisible presence may suffocate them both in this claustrophobic shared space. Soon, though, the hostile world outside the apartment presents a whole other set of difficulties.

Trailer Mad World Hong Kong Movie 2017